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Animal Expert

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Or say "Alexa, enable Animal Expert"

Can you guess what animal makes the noise Alexa plays for you?

Are you an animal expert? What does a koala sound like? Is that sound a jaguar or a leopard?<br/><br/>Challenge yourself to learn all the noises off by heart - there are around 100 different sounds at launch.<br/><br/>Great to play alone or with friends. It is harder than you might think to get a good score as some animals don't make the noise you might expect and you need to be an animal expert to tell some animal sounds apart.<br/><br/>If you guess incorrectly Alexa will play the sound for the animal you guessed so you can hear the difference. She may even be generous and give you points if your incorrect guess was close enough!<br/><br/>Alternatively you can just say the name of an animal and Alexa will play the sound it makes - good practice for the game, or just for fun.<br/><br/>Ask for a demo and hear a random selection of animals.<br/><br/>The full list of animals included at launch is:<br/>alligator, alpaca, baboon, bat, bear, bee, blackbird, bluejay, budgerigar, butterfly, camel, canary, capuchin monkey, cat, cheetah, chicken, chimpanzee, chipmunk, cicada, cobra, cockerel, colobus monkey, cow, cricket, crocodile, crow, cuckoo, deer, dog, dolphin, donkey, duck, eagle, elephant, finch, fly, fox, frog, gibbon, goat, goose, gorilla, guinea pig, gull, hawk, hippo, horse, howler monkey, humpback whale, hyena, jaguar, koala, kookaburra, lama, lapwing, lemur, leopard, lion, lynx, magpie, meadowlark, mockingbird, mosquito, mouse, nightingale, owl, panther, parakeet, parrot, peacock, penguin, pig, polar bear, pony, raccoon, rat, rattlesnake, rhino, sea lion, seal, sheep, spider monkey, squirrel, stag, tern, tiger, toucan, turkey, vulture, wasp, western sandpiper, whale, wolf, wood pigeon, woodpecker, zebra<br/><br/>Royalty free sound effects obtained from sites including,,,,

Invocation Name

animal expert

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Animal Expert
Alexa, ask Animal Expert to play a game
Alexa, ask Animal Expert what noise a penguin makes

Release Date

November 25th 2017