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a skill that uses anghami services to stream music for anghami users.

Enjoy a new experience to listen music from anghami! anghami skill now offers a new interactive way to stream your favorite music over alexa devices.<br/>All you wanna do is enable anghami skill on your alexa device and link your anghami account(NB: only anghami users can enjoy the full features of this skill). Once your account is linked, you are ready to start your conversation by saying &quot;alexa, start anghami music&quot; and the skill will welcome you.<br/>To play any song/album/artist/playlist/radio... from anghami library you can say &quot;alexa, ask anghami music&quot; and continue with your request. For example, you can say &quot; alexa, ask anghami music to play hello by Adele&quot; or &quot;alexa, ask anghami music to play music from my likes&quot; etc.<br/>Of course you can also say skip, previous, shuffle, and more of alexa's music commands.<br/>Have a joyful and loud conversation.<br/><br/>NB: for any inquiries, please contact us at

Invocation Name

anghami music

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask anghami music to play hello by Adele
Alexa, ask anghami music to play Rihanna radio
Alexa, open anghami music and play an album by Justin Bieber

Release Date

September 16th 2017