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Ancient Alchemy

Alexander King

Or say "Alexa, enable Ancient Alchemy"

You have been charged with restoring the Library of Elements. Start combining elements to document all elements in the world. The future is in your hands.

In Ancient Alchemy, you play the role of the Alchemist, and you have been charged with restoring the Library of Elements. The library once contained recipes for every element in the world. Start combining elements using primitive elements, and then continue on to document all elements in the world. The future rests upon your success.<br/><br/>HOW TO PLAY:<br/><br/>Your quest is to start by combining primitive elements: earth, water, air, and fire, to create more complex elements. Continue combining different combinations of all elements to re-create all elements that were once in the Royal Library of Elements. You can ask for details about elements as well as ask for recently found elements. All of the elements that you have found so far will be in your Alexa Scroll (Alexa App).<br/><br/>TIPS:<br/>* You can hear the initial narrative of your quest by asking for a description of your quest<br/>* Ask for a hint once a day!<br/>* Continue combining elements to increase your title<br/>* You can compare your progress to others by asking for your progress<br/>* Once you have found an element, you can always ask to hear details about it.<br/>* When asking for recently found elements, you can find a full list of elements in your Alexa Scroll (Alexa App).<br/><br/>FEEDBACK:<br/><br/>If you love this skill, please leave a 5-start review! If, for any reason you don't think it deserves 5 stars, please email me your feedback I am also open to new ideas to make the experience better!<br/><br/>ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:<br/>All icons licensed under Flaticon Basic License.

Invocation Name

ancient alchemy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Ancient Alchemy.
Combine 'water' and 'fire'.
What is my progress?

Release Date

August 4th 2017