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Amie Basic Controls

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Or say "Alexa, enable Amie Basic Controls"

With Amie SmartHome skill, you can control lights, air conditioners and fans via Alexa.

Amie Smart Home now supports simple voice commands to control lights, fans, air conditioners and ambience settings. To link to this skill, you need an Amie Account (activated through Amie app) and Amie Smart Hub hardware with Endpoints. To find more details about compatible hardware endpoints, please visit <br/><br/>For more elaborate voice command options, look for &quot;Amie Advanced Controls&quot; skill and link it with your Amie account.<br/><br/>Examples:<br/>- Alexa, discover devices <br/>This command finds out all Amie device groups, including any other compatible devices. You can change names of the devices/groups in Amie's settings page. Please refer to installation guides available on the website.<br/><br/>To turn on or off any devices in Amie:<br/>- Alexa, Turn on bedroom light<br/>- Alexa, Turn off kitchen light<br/> <br/>To set or change the brightness of lights and speed of fans:<br/>- Alexa, set passage light to 30 percent<br/>- Alexa, increase reception light by 10 percent<br/>- Alexa, increase office fan (Will speed up by 25 percent, if not mentioned specifically) <br/>- Alexa, decrease reception light by 5 percent<br/><br/>To set or adjust the air conditioner settings:<br/>- Alexa, set bedroom to 22 degrees<br/>- Alexa, increase bedroom AC by 3 degrees<br/>- Alexa, increase bedroom AC (increase by 1 degree if not specifically mentioned)<br/>- Alexa, decrease bedroom AC by 3 degrees<br/>- Alexa, decrease bedroom AC (decrease by 1 degree if not specifically mentioned)<br/><br/>In addition to the devices, you can also turn on or off any of the ambience settings (scenes). You can create and edit any number of Amie Ambiences using the settings page of Amie Smart Hub. Each ambience defines the statuses for a set of selected devices including lights, fans and air conditioners. The ambiences created in Amie will be listed by the skill when asked &quot;Alexa, discover devices&quot;.<br/><br/>To set a scene/Amie Ambience, say<br/>- &quot;Alexa, turn on relax&quot;, where &quot;relax&quot; is the custom name given by you in the Amie settings for a scene.<br/><br/>To turn off the scene, say<br/>- &quot;Alexa, turn off relax&quot;. All the changes made by the scene will be restored to a previous state.<br/><br/>On successful execution, Alexa will respond to all the above voice commands by saying &quot;OK&quot;.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on bedroom fan
Alexa, set living room to 26 degrees
Alexa, brighten hall light

Release Date

June 30th 2017