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Amie Advanced Controls

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Or say "Alexa, enable Amie Advanced Controls"

This skill helps you do more than just on or off devices connected to Amie hub. You can retrieve device status, create, edit or cancel device timers and more...

With the Amie Advanced Controls Skill for Alexa, you can control a wide variety of devices like Air conditioners, fans, lights, gate openers etc with your natural spoken language, with some advanced control options in addition to directly changing device status.<br/><br/>Your amazon account should be linked to amie user account to connect the skill to amie hub. You can create your amie account from amie smart home app after installing amie hub in your local network. Click on 'enable skill' after you have created an amie id and linked it to your hub. <br/><br/>This skill enables a few advanced commands than the basic smart home control features, and hence a the &lsquo;amie hub&rsquo; skill should be invoked first time in each session. An example conversation is shown below:<br/><br/>-You ask: &lsquo;Alexa, ask amie hub to turn on bedroom light&rsquo;<br/>-Alexa responds: &lsquo;Done. Anything else?&rsquo;<br/>-You ask: &lsquo;Switch it off after thirty minutes&rsquo;<br/>-Alexa responds: &lsquo;Bedroom light will be set to off after thirty minutes. Anything else?&rsquo;<br/>-You ask: &lsquo;Keep bedroom fan on for four hours&rsquo;<br/>-Alexa responds: &lsquo;Bedroom fan will be kept on for four hours. Anything else?&rsquo;<br/>-You say: &lsquo;No.&rsquo;<br/>-Session Ends.<br/><br/>All devices are addressed in amie skill as a combination of place and device type. For example, bedroom+fan, kitchen+light etc. You can also address them as the device in a place, eg:<br/>- Alexa, ask amie hub to turn on kitchen light.<br/>- Alexa, ask amie hub to turn off light in kitchen.<br/><br/>Note: Be sure to name your devices/gruops as a combination of place and device in the Amie Configuration page for accessing them though this skill. <br/><br/>You can turn on, off or change levels for any connected devices. Levels can be mentioned in percentages, or through words like low, medium, high etc.<br/>Low &ndash; interpreted as 5 percent<br/>Quarter &ndash; interpreted as 25 percent<br/>Medium &ndash; interpreted as 50 percent.<br/>Full/maximum/high &ndash; interpreted as 100 percent.<br/>The above words can be used in combination with speed or brightness depending on whether you are referring to a light or a fan. For example,<br/>- Alexa, ask amie hub to set bedroom light to low brightness<br/>- Alexa, ask amie hub to set fan in kitchen to full speed.<br/><br/> <br/>To get a list of connected devices, you can say &lsquo;Alexa, ask amie hub to list all connected devices.&rsquo; and the skill will respond with all the connected devices in Amie&rsquo;s local network.<br/><br/>You can schedule status change of devices through voice command. Below are some examples:<br/><br/>Scheduling Example 1:<br/>- You ask: Alexa, ask amie hub to turn off bedroom light after two hours.<br/>- Alexa responds: Bedroom light will be set to off after two hours. Anything else?<br/>- You say: No, thank you.<br/><br/>Scheduling Example 2:<br/>- You ask: Alexa, ask amie hub to set living fan to twenty at four A.M.<br/>- Alexa responds: Bedroom fan will be set to twenty after six hours. Anything else? <br/>- You say: No.<br/>Notice that alexa responded with the remaining time for the timer to go off, and in this example, the present time was 10 PM, so alexa responded with &lsquo;after six hours&rsquo;.<br/><br/>Scheduling Example 3:<br/>- You ask: Alexa, open amie hub and keep living light on for thirty minutes.<br/>- Alexa responds: Living light will be kept on for thirty minutes. Anything else?<br/>- You say: No.<br/><br/>You can also ask amie hub to report existing schedules in the system. See some examples below:<br/>- You ask: &lsquo;Alexa, ask amie hub to list all timers&rsquo;<br/>- Alexa responds with all a list of all devices which have timers set to go.<br/><br/>You can ask amie hub about the timer set for any specific devices too, for example,<br/>- You ask: &lsquo;Alexa, open amie hub and check timers for living fan.<br/><br/>You can also cancel any set timers through this skill, like.<br/>- You ask: &lsquo;Alexa, open amie hub and cancel all timers&rsquo; / &lsquo;Alexa, open amie hub and stop timer for bedroom light&rsquo;

Invocation Name

amie hub

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Amie Hub and list all devices
Alexa Ask Amie Hub to switch on bedroom light
Alexa Ask Amie Hub to keep living fan on for ten minutes

Release Date

March 23rd 2017