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American Express

Explore a new way to connect with American Express through the Amex skill. Make a payment, get Amex Offers, check your balance, and more - all with the power of your voice.<br/><br/>Just say, &quot;Alexa, open Amex.&quot; Once you've opened the skill, here are some voice commands that you can use to manage eligible Cards in your American Express online account:<br/><br/>To check your account balance, say &quot;Account balance&quot;<br/>To make a payment, say &quot;Make a payment&quot;<br/>To get Amex Offers, say &quot;Amex Offers&quot;<br/>To review recent charges, say &quot;Recent charges&quot;<br/>To hear payment due date, say &quot;Payment due&quot;<br/>To check available credit, say &quot;Available credit&quot;<br/>To check Membership Rewards&reg; balance, say &quot;Membership Rewards&quot;<br/><br/>To get started, simply enable the skill and link your American Express online account. As an extra layer of security, you will create a 4-digit PIN.<br/><br/>For more information about the Amex skill, visit

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Amex
Alexa, ask Amex to make a payment
Alexa, ask Amex for my Amex Offers

Release Date

May 9th 2017