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American Train Empire - Strategy Game

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Build a train empire by creating stations, connecting them, then seeing how many riders you can support. Your empire awaits!

This is a strategy game where the goal is to build a train empire that spans as much of the United States as possible. <br/><br/>The core gameplay surrounds building out stations, then connecting them together. Then passengers will begin to ride your trains and pay you money. Stations can only connect to cities close-by, so to build an empire, you will need to link many stations together.<br/><br/>Here are the different commands that can be executed within the game.<br/><br/>Build Stations - get started by building two stations in different cities. Just say something like &quot;Build a station in New York.&quot;<br/><br/>Connect Stations - once you have stations built, connect them by stating the two city names. For example, say something like &quot;Connect New York to Boston&quot;.<br/><br/>Run Empire - Once you have connected trains, passengers will start to ride. Saying &quot;Run Empire&quot; will operate the trains for a month, gaining you more money to build additional stations.<br/><br/>If you need help, just say &quot;Help&quot;, or here are some other phrases that can assist you in finding different options.<br/><br/>How much money do I have? - gives the current balance sheet of cash in your empire that can be spent on building new trains or stations.<br/><br/>List Cities to build Stations - this lists the different cities that the game allows stations to be built in.<br/><br/>Which Stations are Connected - this lists what cities you have already built stations in, and what they connect to.<br/><br/>How much is track from Houston to Dallas - provides the distance between different cities, as well as how much track costs between them.<br/><br/>Customize your game by saying &quot;Set User Name to...&quot; with your name.

Invocation Name

train empire

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Train Empire
Build a station in Los Angeles
Connect New York City to Philadelphia

Release Date

October 4th 2017