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American Presidents Game

Aravind Raghunathan

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Or say "Alexa, enable American Presidents Game"

American Presidents Trivia game is a fun skill to help students master basic trivia about American Presidents.

American Presidents Trivia game is a fun skill that helps interested students to test their knowledge about American Presidents and also helps them to learn important facts. American Presidents Trivia game asks a series of five questions to the user per invocation. Each question is followed on by answer index and answer choices. The user can respond back with the answer index of the choice they think is best answer to the question. The user gets one point for a correct answer and no points for a wrong answer. The user can answer the question by saying the following sentences The answer is "1" My answer is "1" If the user does not know the answer to the question, he or she can reply back saying 'I don't know' and the skill will reply back with the correct answer to the the question. If the user needs additional time to think about the answer or if they want to hear the question again, they can reply back saying 'repeat' or 'repeat it'.

Invocation Name

american presidents

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch American Presidents
start new game
I don't know

Release Date

July 6th 2016