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American Gator Facts

Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable American Gator Facts"

Interesting facts that you didn't know, about the American Alligator.

The American Gator Fact skill tells you interesting facts about American Alligators. To get started, you can tell Alexa to start the skill by saying "Start American Gator Facts", replacing "start" with "begin" or "launch" will also work the same way. Alexa will then tell you an interesting facts about the American alligator. There is also the option of asking Alexa for help or to stop/cancel the skill, to prompt these commands tell Alexa "American Gator Facts I need help".

Invocation Name

american gator

Interaction Examples

Alexa launch American gator
Alexa ask American gator I need help please
Alexa open American gator

Release Date

June 13th 2017