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Amcrest Cloud

Amazon Alexa and Amcrest Cloud allow users to play live video from their Amcrest security cameras right to their Echo Show. <br/><br/>To make Alexa aware of your cameras, you must first create an Amcrest Cloud account and add your camera. Then, in the Alexa app, search for the Amcrest Cloud skill and select the &ldquo;Enable Skill&rdquo; button to link your Amcrest Cloud account with your Alexa account. Once that's done, simply ask Alexa to discover your devices. <br/><br/>Customers can then ask Alexa to play video from any of their Amcrest cameras, simply by using the camera's name as it was setup in Amcrest Cloud.<br/><br/>You must be registered with Amcrest Cloud in order to use the Amcrest Cloud skill with Alexa. You can sign up for an Amcrest Cloud account by visiting and selecting a plan. To read our setup tutorial on setting up Alexa with Amcrest Cloud, visit <br/><br/>Some example commands include:<br/><br/>&quot;Alexa, show my front door camera.&quot;<br/>&quot;Alexa, show my business camera.&quot;<br/>&quot;Alexa, show my pet camera.&quot;<br/><br/>Note: If you choose to rename your camera, the camera's name must be changed within the Amcrest Cloud app or For help with your Amcrest Camera or with your Amcrest cloud account please contact Amcrest directly at

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, discover my devices
Alexa, show my front door camera
Alexa, show my pet camera

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June 25th 2017