Ambient Noise: Clock Sounds - Alexa Skill

Ambient Noise: Clock Sounds

Nick Schwab

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Or say "Alexa, enable Ambient Noise: Clock Sounds"

Ambient noise of a ticking clock to help you focus, sleep, or relax.

Clock Sounds is an ambient noise loop to help you focus in a noisy environment, encourage relaxation, or create the perfect ambiance to fall asleep!<br/><br/>Want the sound to loop until you tell it to stop instead of only playing for an hour? Just say &quot;Alexa, loop on&quot; while the sound is playing, or start the sound by saying &quot;Alexa, ask Clock Sounds to loop&quot;. The Skill will remember your looping setting the next time you start it.<br/><br/>Please leave a review if you love this Skill, or send me an email with your feedback at<br/><br/>Looking for more ambient sounds? Just say &quot;Alexa, start...&quot;<br/>- Thunderstorm Sounds<br/>- Rain Sounds<br/>- Ocean Sounds<br/>- Babbling Brook<br/>- Fireplace Sounds<br/>- Airplane Sounds<br/>- Fan Sounds<br/>- City Sounds<br/>- Rainforest Sounds<br/>- Train Sounds<br/>- Frog Sounds<br/>- Cricket Sounds<br/>- Bird Sounds<br/><br/>More sounds are being added regularly! For a full list, search for &quot;ambient noise&quot; in the Alexa companion app or go to

Invocation Name

clock sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Clock Sounds
Alexa, ask Clock Sounds to loop
Alexa, open Clock Sounds

Release Date

June 3rd 2017