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Ambient Library Sounds


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Or say "Alexa, enable Ambient Library Sounds"

Provides soothing ambient sounds from inside a library to help you relax or focus on work

This skill will place you inside a library or study with the gentle sounds of book pages turning, pens scratching on parchment, other (quiet) patrons, and more. Immerse yourself inside the library to help you relax, to compliment your reading time, or to better focus on work or assignments from within your own home.<br/><br/>To start the skill, simply say &quot;Alexa, open Library Sounds&quot;<br/><br/>Contains two hours of library ambience.<br/><br/>To stop the skill at any time, just say &quot;Alexa, stop&quot;

Invocation Name

library sounds

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open library sounds
Alexa, play library sounds
Alexa, launch library sounds

Release Date

December 8th 2017