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Or say "Alexa, enable Ambience - Relaxing Time"

A selection of 23 instrumental music tracks. Dreamlike music to relax and feel good.

A selection of 23 instrumental music tracks.<br/>Dreamlike music to relax and feel good.<br/><br/>Leave everyday life behind and take a little break. Just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the gentle sounds of this wonderful relaxing music.<br/><br/>Dreamlike instrumental music to relax and feel good. Whether lying on the sofa, with a healing bath, in the sauna or for a better fall asleep. The gentle, catchy melodies are tuned to the rest pulse and are ideal for the regeneration of body and soul.<br/><br/>To start say: &quot;Alexa, open relaxing time and play ambience&quot; or another title<br/><br/>The following titles are available:<br/><br/>- Ambience,<br/>- Ave Maria,<br/>- A song for Mama,<br/>- A new beginning,<br/>- A long day,<br/>- Follow your heart,<br/>- Walk with me,<br/>- Together with you,<br/>- Happy times,<br/>- Grass meadow,<br/>- In the background,<br/>- Clear water,<br/>- Let it go,<br/>- Milky Way,<br/>- Open your eyes,<br/>- Romance at the piano,<br/>- Sleep well,<br/>- Emerald river,<br/>- Atmospheric,<br/>- Dreamland,<br/>- Warm heart,<br/>- Windy days,<br/>- At home.<br/><br/>You can start the audio player with &quot;Alexa, start relaxing time&quot; and choose a title like &quot;Ambience&quot; or another title of your playlist.<br/>You can turn on a loop with &quot;Alexa, loop&quot; and play the music until you finish it with &quot;Alexa Stop&quot; or end with &quot;Alexa, Endless Loop&quot; your loop.<br/>You can shift in your playlist with &quot;Next&quot; or &quot;Back&quot;.<br/>You can pause with &quot;Alexa, pause&quot; and continue listening later with &quot;Alexa continue&quot;.<br/>You can quit with &quot;Alexa, stop&quot; or &quot;Alexa, quit&quot; and continue listening later.<br/>You can get help with &quot;Alexa, help&quot;.<br/><br/>You'll get a playlist in the Alexa app after launching.<br/><br/>We wish all listeners a pleasant &quot;relaxing time&quot;.<br/><br/>Thank you for a objective rating. This helps with the expansion of this and future skills.<br/><br/>&copy; The titles listed here are for this purpose and application only, they are not allowed to be redistributed.<br/><br/>For informations, questions, suggestions or general email:

Invocation Name

relaxing time

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start relaxing time
Alexa, open relaxing time and play ambience
Alexa, launch relaxing time

Release Date

October 6th 2017