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Amazing Human Body Facts

Kevin Tian

Or say "Alexa, enable Amazing Human Body Facts"

Love interesting facts? Want to learn more about your body? This skill is a perfect way to learn about the miraculous and often mind-boggling human body!

This skill provides nearly 100 unusual and intriguing facts regarding the human body. Upon prompting the &quot;Human Fact Expert,&quot; the skill will provide the user with a fact. The user may continue to prompt the expert for more facts if interested. <br/><br/>Facts were taken from the Bright Side article found at &lt;;. <br/>Small skill icon was taken from &lt;;.<br/>Large skill icon designed by

Invocation Name

human fact expert

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Human Fact Expert to tell me a fact.
Alexa, tell me something interesting from the Human Fact Expert.
Alexa, give me a fact from Human Fact Expert.

Release Date

August 13th 2017