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Am I right?

Thomas Russell

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Or say "Alexa, enable Am I right?"

Alexa, open Am I Right?

Am I Right allows you to ask Alexa if you are right. She will think about it and let you know.<br/><br/>To Enable the Skill: Say &quot;Alexa, enable Am I Right skill&quot; or search for &quot;Am I Right skill&quot; in the Alexa mobile app or at Click the enable button on the Am I Right skill page.<br/><br/>To Get Started: Say &quot;Alexa open Sleep Sounds&quot;. To play a sound say &quot;Play Thunderstorm&quot; or &quot;Play Rain&quot;. To get a list of sounds, say &quot;List Sounds&quot;.

Invocation Name

am i right

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Am I Right?
Alexa Am I Right?

Release Date

April 9th 2017