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Alpine A/B School Schedules

Kevin Watson

Or say "Alexa, enable Alpine A/B School Schedules"

Utah's Alpine School District A/B Schedule

Students in the Utah Alpine school district, your days of attending the wrong classes are over! Now you can ask Alexa if today is an A, B, Saturday (woo-hoo!), Sunday (woo-hoo!) or Vacation (double woo-hoo!) day. <br/><br/>This skill provides a quick and easy way to stay on track and get those A's that your parents keep saying will get you into college, improve your life, blah, blah, blah.<br/><br/>Utah's Alpine School District classes follow an alternating schedule, also known as an A/B schedule. This calendar is found here: This skill allows you to ask for today's schedule, tomorrow's schedule, or a day in the future. For today's schedule, you can say 'Alexa, open Alpine schedules'. Alexa will tell you the date and whether it is an A or B day, or if there is no school.<br/><br/>You can ask for tomorrow's schedule by saying 'Alexa, ask Alpine schedules about tomorrow' or ask about a day in the future by saying 'Alexa, ask Alpine schedules about next Tuesday'.<br/><br/>You can even ask about a future date. Just say 'Alexa, ask Alpine schedules about March 1'.<br/><br/>Now go forth, courageous student, and earn those A's!

Invocation Name

alpine schedules

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Alpine schedules
Alexa, ask Alpine schedules about tomorrow
Alexa, ask Alpine schedules about next Tuesday

Release Date

November 29th 2017