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Alpha Networks Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Alph@smarthing"

We provide intelligent devices inside the wisdom of the device can communicate with each other, and let family members can readily access to services.

Please buy Alphanetworks G200 gateway and install Alpha app to link G200 Gateway with z-wave sensor.<br/><br/>When you copy and paste a sample, replace x with a number and replace name with:<br/><br/> A device name such as garage door, thermostat, sprinkler or hallway light<br/> A group name such as kitchen or family room<br/> A scene name such as bedtime or movie<br/><br/>Sample Utterances:<br/> Alexa, turn on name<br/> Alexa, turn off name<br/> Alexa, set name to x percent<br/> Alexa, set name to x degrees<br/> Alexa, decrease name by x degrees<br/> Alexa, increase name by x degrees<br/> Alexa, decrease name

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on light
Alexa, set light to 10 percent
Alexa, increase light by 10 percent

Release Date

April 13th 2017