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The cooks you trust, recipes you love, and step-by-step instructions you need to prepare more than 60,000 dishes from the world’s #1 food site - all hands free.

The Allrecipes Skill from Amazon Alexa helps you get dinner done right every night by providing convenient hands-free access to 60,000 of America’s favorite recipes from; there is no need to tap, swipe, type, or squint to get the five-star results your family craves. The Allrecipes Skill provides you with the convenience of hands-free access to recipes that perfectly match whatever you’re craving or need – from everyday quick dinners to crowd-pleasing appetizers sure to be the hit of your party. Using just your voice, Alexa quickly finds recipes that match your desired dish type, ingredients you have on hand, your available cooking time, and/or your preferred cooking method. Prefer to make a family favorite recipe from Allrecipes? No problem, Alexa can retrieve recipes saved to your Allrecipes Favorites. Need to make a quick trip to the store for ingredients? Just ask Alexa to send the recipe to your phone. When you’re ready to start cooking, Alexa takes you every step of the way from start to finish by providing voice guided step-by-step cooking instructions at a pace that works just right for you. Curious what tips, tweaks and variations other cooks made to the recipe? Just ask Alexa to share reviews. To send a recipe to your phone, you must provide Alexa with your mobile phone number. To seek or add recipes from your Favorites, you must provide Alexa with your Allrecipes login information. ****Please note account linking is not required to use Allrecipes. You can close the account sign in page when enabling the skill**** Here are some things you can ask Alexa for: “Ask All Recipes what can I make with chicken, bacon and cheddar cheese? “Ask Allrecipes for the recipe of the day?” “Ask Allrecipes for a slow cooker recipe for pulled pork” “Ask Allrecipes to find me the recipe for World’s Best Lasagna.” “Ask Allrecipes to find me a chocolate chip cookie recipe in my Favorites.” Find a recipe you like? Try these: “What ingredients are needed for this recipe?” “Tell me the reviews for this recipe” “Add this recipe to my Favorites.” “Send the recipe to my phone.” If you have questions or feedback related to the Allrecipes Skill for Amazon Alexa, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at

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all recipes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Allrecipes.
Alexa, ask Allrecipes for a grilled salmon recipe.
Alexa, ask Allrecipes for a recipe with chicken, bacon and broccoli.

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November 17th 2016