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Alligator Finder

Mars Puppy

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Or say "Alexa, enable Alligator Finder"

Afraid of gators? Find out where they are!

Disclaimer: this skill is a prank skill for entertainment purposes only and does not provide the ability to find alligators.<br/><br/>If you suffer from Gatorphobia, you want to know where the gators are, so you can be somewhere else. Ask Alexa where they are! For your entertainment, Alexa will respond with a random location nearby where she believes the gators are hiding. <br/><br/>Note: If you have a real crocodile infestation, this skill will not help you avoid real live actual crocodiles.

Invocation Name

alligator finder

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch alligator finder
Alexa, ask Alligator Finder to find the gators
Alexa, ask Alligator Finder where are the gators

Release Date

April 6th 2017