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All Knowing Eight Ball

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Or say "Alexa, enable All Knowing Eight Ball"

The All Knowing 8 Ball can answer life's vexing questions for you, without all that shaking and blue dye getting everywhere.

It's a game as simple as the people who put stock in it: ask the 8 ball a Yes or No question, get an answer to guide you, through the power of Speculation Science. Ask again if you don't like that answer, but you may incur the wrath of the All Knowing 8 Ball! It's some pretty serious wrath. Like, you can't get this wrath through customs. The Alexa app will track your questions and their answers, so if you ever need to refer back to the great wisdom you received, just check the cards in your Alexa app and you can review each question and answer.

Invocation Name

the eight ball

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask the 8 ball whether the Cubs will ever win the World Series
Alexa, ask the 8 ball if I should ask her out
Alexa, ask the 8 ball: will Don Rickles ever die?

Release Date

March 15th 2016