Alien, Ninja, Bear - Alexa Skill

Alien, Ninja, Bear

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Or say "Alexa, enable Alien, Ninja, Bear"

A fun game for a group of kids (or kids at heart) Everyone stands up and decides if they are an alien, ninja, or a bear. If Alexa calls your choice, you're out!

How to play:<br/>1. Everyone stands up at the beginning of the game.<br/>2. Everyone pretends to be an alien, ninja, or a bear.<br/>-To be an alien, point your fingers up with your hands at the top of your head<br/>-To be a ninja, give your best karate pose<br/>-To be a bear, show your claws<br/>3. Say 'Next' for Alexa to make the next choice<br/>4. The last one left wins!

Invocation Name

alien ninja bear

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play Alien, Ninja, Bear

Release Date

January 3rd 2018