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Or say "Alexa, enable AisleWise"

Aisle Wise lets you add items and recipes to your AisleWise grocery shopping list, then arranges your list to match aisles in the store. where you are shopping.

The Alexa Aisle Wise skill lets you add items or recipes to your AisleWise grocery shopping list. <br/><br/>You must have an existing AisleWise account to use this skill from Alexa. If you do not have an account, simply visit and sign up. <br/><br/>Once you have an account, you can add any item to your AisleWise shopping list with a simple command. You can also add recipes to your shopping list, but the recipe must first exist in your personal AisleWise recipes collection. <br/><br/>Note about recipes: when you first create a recipe, you segregate recipe items into ingredients (items not normally in your refrigerator or pantry) and staples (items normally in your refrigerator or pantry). When you tell AisleWise to add a recipe to your list using Alexa, ingredients only are added.

Invocation Name

aisle wise

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Aisle Wise.
Alexa ask Aisle Wise to add milk.
Alexa tell Aisle Wise to add recipe Mexican Soup.

Release Date

June 17th 2017