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Aircraft Radar

Chris Dzombak

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Or say "Alexa, enable Aircraft Radar"

Tells you what aircraft are nearby.

Aircraft Radar uses live aircraft radio signals, collected by volunteers, to tell you what airplanes are around you.<br/><br/>You can ask it:<br/>- &quot;what airplanes are around?&quot;<br/>- &quot;what jets are overhead?&quot;<br/>- &quot;what was that?&quot;<br/>- &quot;are there any helicopters nearby?&quot;<br/>- &quot;what's the nearest aircraft?&quot;<br/>- &quot;are there any military planes around?&quot;<br/>- ...and more!<br/><br/>If Aircraft Radar only finds one aircraft, it'll give you detailed information including the registration number and a picture (if it can find one). Otherwise, you'll get a list of the closest 4 aircraft that you're asking about.<br/><br/>This skill requires your Echo to have an address assigned to it, and you'll need to give Aircraft Radar permission in the Alexa app to access your address. This information is used to search for airplanes near your location.<br/><br/>Data is provided by ADS-B Exchange ( Be aware that not all airplanes transmit location radio signals just yet, and not all geographical areas have a volunteer receiving ADS-B transmissions from airplanes. The ADS-B Exchange website has instructions on how to contribute data from your location.

Invocation Name

aircraft radar

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Aircraft Radar what airplanes are around.
Alexa, ask Aircraft Radar what helicopters are nearby.
Alexa, ask Aircraft Radar what jets are overhead.

Release Date

September 27th 2017