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Air Traffic Control

Christopher Kuzma

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Or say "Alexa, enable Air Traffic Control"

Gives realtime information about the aircraft over any location.

Air Traffic Control uses live radar data to give information about aircraft flying within a 20-kilometer radius of a location. Depending on the information available, you will get information about the aircraft's manufacturer, model, current altitude above the ground, and who is operating it. Example questions to try: "How many aircraft are flying over <location>?" "How many helicopters are above <location>?" "What kinds of aircraft are near <location>?" "What is the highest aircraft above <location>?" "What is the lowest aircraft in <location>?" Tip: If your location doesn't have any aircraft flying overhead, try asking about somewhere else with a busy airport, such as New York City. Credit: ADSBexchange, Google Maps Geocoding API,

Invocation Name

air traffic control

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open air traffic control
Are there any aircraft near New York
How many helicopters are over San Francisco

Release Date

November 25th 2016