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Air Canada

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Or say "Alexa, enable Air Canada"

Air Canada flight status, fare quotes, and more are just a shout away!

The Air Canada Alexa skill enables you to ask about your flight status, your baggage carousel, get a fare quote, and even answer frequently asked questions. <br/><br/>Flight Status<br/>&quot;What's the flight status of AC870?&quot;<br/>&quot;When is flight 787 on June 28?&quot;<br/><br/>Baggage Carousel<br/>&quot;Where I can retrieve my bags for AC8456?&quot;<br/>&quot;Baggage carousel for AC1837?&quot;<br/><br/>Fare Quote<br/>&quot;How much does it cost to fly to Seattle?&quot;<br/>&quot;What's the price to fly to Vancouver on June 28?<br/><br/>Frequently Asked Questions<br/>&quot;Tell me about TSA PreCheck.&quot;<br/>&quot;Tell me about the refund policy for unused tickets.&quot;

Invocation Name

air canada

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Air Canada.
Alexa, ask Air Canada what's the flight status of AC870?
Alexa, ask Air Canada which baggage carousel is associated with my flight?

Release Date

November 14th 2017