Need help on the go while playing GTA 5. Well, Aidéz is here to help. Ask "Cheat Raptor" and it'll help you out.

Aid&eacute;z does not require any special hardware requirements. Aid&eacute;z helps us with the important cheats during the most crucial moments of GTA 5. You must always say 'ask cheat raptor' followed by any cheat you want overtime to get help. For instance, you can ask for weapons cheat by asking, &quot;ask cheat raptor what is weapons cheat&quot;.<br/>You can ask for cheats like Max health, explosives and explosive attack, lower or increase wanted level, get a bike/ sports bike, race car, cycle/bmx or helicopter, slow motion aim. You can also jump high, sky fall, spawn mid air, slow motion aim, invincible, swim fast, run fast, jump high, act drunk, fire bullets, weapons, get a parachute.

Invocation Name

cheat raptor

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask cheat raptor how can i lower wanted level
ask cheat raptor how can I swim fast
ask cheat raptor how to get sports bike

Release Date

July 1st 2017