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Play retro text-based adventure games using nothing but your voice and imagination.

Play text-based adventure games with Alexa.<br/><br/>We have selected a few popular adventure games from and made them available for you to play using Alexa. Use &quot;list games&quot; to check out available games. Use &quot;play&quot; and the game name to start playing a game.<br/><br/>Games are automatically saved when you exit, so that you can resume play where you left it. Use &quot;list saved games&quot; to check out existing game sessions. If you want to reset a session, just say &quot;reset game&quot; and the game name. Use &quot;help&quot; to get these instructions once again.<br/><br/>Available games: Zork One, Zork Two, Zork Three, Nine o'clock<br/><br/>More games to come!<br/><br/>Credits:

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adventure games

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July 19th 2017