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Addition Spot Quiz For Third Graders

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Or say "Alexa, enable Addition Spot Quiz For Third Graders"

The "Addition Spot Quiz for Second Graders" allows testing basic addition skills, for e.g. what is 1+68 ?

The &quot;Addition Spot Quiz for Third Graders&quot; helps 3rd Graders to test their &ldquo;addition skill&rdquo; by asking five questions, across five levels.<br/><br/>You may ask - &quot;Alexa, Open Third Graders Addition.&quot;<br/><br/>SPOT Quizzes provide cognitive workout on a regular basis to children and seniors alike. To enable more quizzes of similar<br/>nature, please type 'SPOT QUIZ' in Skills Search Console.<br/><br/>For suggestions and feedback, please reach us at

Invocation Name

third graders addition

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Third Graders Addition
Alexa, Start Third Graders Addition
Alexa, ask Third Graders Addition to open level one

Release Date

October 18th 2017