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Addiction recovery affirmations

Ted Riecken

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Or say "Alexa, enable Addiction recovery affirmations"

A series of positive and encouraging affirmations to help people struggling with addictions and trying to stay clean and sober.

This skill is meant to help those struggling with addictions as they try to remain clean and sober. This Alexa skill offers a random affirmation or message of support for the purpose of helping individuals on their path to recovery . <br /><br />No special hardware or accounts are needed for this skill which was built using the Fact Skills Template from the Alexa Skills Kit.<br /><br />Disclaimer: This Alexa skill is not a substitute for consultation with a mental health or addictions counsellor. The affirmations in this skill are meant to encourage and build self esteem, but are not meant as a specific treatment in place of professional care.

Invocation Name

recovery thoughts

Interaction Examples

Alexa open recovery thoughts
Alexa launch recovery thoughts
Alexa start recovery thoughts

Release Date

March 2nd 2017