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Activities of Daily Life


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Or say "Alexa, enable Activities of Daily Life"

A skill that records what depression patients have said and done in their daily life and helps to understand the behaviour of them for psychologists.

The skill, which named 'Activities of Daily Life(ADL)' is used to monitor the behavior of depression patients and help them become better. On the one hand, it records what patients said or done during a day and night, and then turns them into some intents as the interaction models requires. On the other hand, we build a third web service that receive this data, and then feed back to the patients some cheerful words corresponding to what they have done. However, what's more important, is this service can analyze the behaviors a patient provides and check if he is recovering well or not, which is able to offer some helpful information to psychologist for controlling the patients’ condition.

Invocation Name

red queen

Interaction Examples

Alexa tell Red Queen that I sing a song
I go to the gym
I turn on the TV

Release Date

March 20th 2017