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Acoustic Tuner


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Or say "Alexa, enable Acoustic Tuner"

TsaTsaTzu's presents Acoustic Tuner for hands free, accurate, instrument or vocal tuning. For help tuning your instrument mid-song.

If you play a musical instrument (or sing) it is important to keep in pitch. This skill will play a pitch perfect tone (to the concert A440 standard) for you to tune against your instrument. It can play from the first to the tenth octave. To hold a tone longer, ask it to "repeat". Or you can say another tone to play. If you want to cut it off, say "Alexa stop".

Invocation Name

acoustic tuner

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open acoustic tuner
Alexa, ask acoustic tuner to play middle c
Alexa, ask acoustic tuner to play a octave five

Release Date

April 15th 2016