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Accordion Playlist

David Batty


Or say "Alexa, enable Accordion Playlist"

Accordion Playlist will suggest suitable tunes for playing on the accordion.

This is a skill for Accordion Players. <br/><br/>Accordionists stuck for ideas for what to play, can ask Accordion Playlist to suggest tunes that can be played on the accordion.<br/><br/>The tunes selected are tunes that have been played at Leyland Accordion Club in Leyland, Lancashire, England, and are therefore all suitable for playing on the accordion.<br/><br/>Thinking of tunes to play can be difficult, this skill suggests random tunes that you may know, or may want to research if you are looking for ideas of what to play, or to add to your repertoire if you are an accordionist. <br/><br/>Leyland accordion club has a website at and we also have an Android Application.

Invocation Name

accordion playlist

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask accordion playlist to give me a playlist
tell me what to play
what should I play

Release Date

April 21st 2017