AbleCloud_SmartHome_Colorlight_Skill - Alexa Skill



Or say "Alexa, enable AbleCloud_SmartHome_Colorlight_Skill"

Color light Control

This is a smart home color light control skill based on the AbleCloud Internet platform. Using this smart home skill can achieve the control function of color lights, color brightness and color temperature through the amazon echo,Developed by shenzhen jiangbolong technology co., LTD., based on WK1230 module and ableCloud Internet platform,Users can AbleCloud authorize registered account login the Internet of things platform skill of third party authorization, please click the enable users to use the skill skill button to jump to authorization interface, input AbleCloud account password authorization to a third party.Complete the skill enable

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa,Change color light to color blue
Alexa,set color light to blue
Alexa,turn on color light

Release Date

September 8th 2017