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AT&T Support

AT&T Support

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Or say "Alexa, enable AT&T Support"

Allows AT&T Internet customers to test their internet and initiate a chat session with Technical Support Specialist.

To use this skill, you need an AT&amp;T Internet product.<br /><br />Step 1: Enable the skill; you will be prompted to provide the link ID after initiating an AT&amp;T Support voice command to the Alexa enabled device.<br /><br />Step 2: Configure your AT&amp;T Support skill at<br /><br />Step 3: Now you can test your AT&amp;T Internet, Uverse TV, or chat with a Technical Support Specialist from your mobile device.

Invocation Name

a. t. and t. support

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask A T and T Support to test my internet
Alexa, ask A T and T Support to chat with an agent
Alexa, open A T and T Support

Release Date

March 6th 2017