ABC Bee - Alexa Skill


Linus Wong

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A spelling bee app for all ages. Just supply the list of words you want to be quizzed on, and start!

Test your spelling abilities with this skill! First construct your list of words to be quizzed on. You can add the first few words when starting the skill, then add more or delete some before starting the quiz. For example:<br/><br/>* Alexa, ask ABC Bee to make a list. quick brown fox<br/>* add jumped<br/>* delete fox<br/>* list<br/>* start the quiz

Invocation Name

a. b. c. bee

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open a. b. c. bee
Alexa, launch a. b. c. bee and quiz me on expunge
Alexa, open a. b. c. bee and make a list mother

Release Date

June 25th 2017