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A Magic Trick



Or say "Alexa, enable A Magic Trick"

Have Alexa play an amazing guess-the-number trick.

Alexa will start by having you pick a number from 1 to 100. Don't tell her your number, though! Alexa will then walk you through some arithmetic on that number and at the end Alexa will speak the number you wind up with. Use these words to help you through the steps: * Start Over - to start by choosing your start number * Pause or Wait - to give yourself a bit more time * Repeat - to have Alexa repeat the last step * Previous - to have Alexa repeat the previous step Have a pencil and paper if you want to write down your steps. Have fun!

Invocation Name

magic trick

Interaction Examples

Alexa, magic trick
Alexa play magic trick
Alexa, begin magic trick

Release Date

May 27th 2016