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A Loving Thought

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Random Loving Thoughts - Ideas for being loving.

A Loving Thought is full of interesting ideas, suggestions, and prompts on how to think and act with loving intent. Being mindful of ways you express love helps you create a better future for yourself, those around you, and the entire world. <br/><br/>Let A Loving Thought help you become a master at loving. Using this skill will bring you new ways to add love into your life. <br/><br/>Here&rsquo;s one example of how to use this skill. Try A Loving Thought Challenge, for 7 nights in a row, play A Loving Thought before falling asleep. See if you find more loving people, thoughts, or actions in your dreams and in real life. <br/><br/>With over 100 loving ideas, A Loving Thought will infuse your life with more love any time you ask.<br/><br/>Become even more loving. Ask Alexa to play A Loving Thought.

Invocation Name

a loving thought

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play A Loving Thought
Alexa, ask A Loving Thought
Alexa, open A Loving Thought

Release Date

October 24th 2017