93.5 The Mix - Alexa Skill

93.5 The Mix

Coloff Media

Or say "Alexa, enable 93.5 The Mix"

Listen live to 93.5 The Mix

With this skill you can listen live to 93.5 The Mix, KCVM. 93.5 The Mix gives you the best mix of music that you can get! To get started, just ask Alexa to open 93.5 the mix and then say listen live! For more mix content visit 935themix.com and to see other Coloff Media stations, visit coloffmedia.com.

Invocation Name

ninety three five the mix

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open ninety three five the mix
Alexa, ask ninety three five the mix to listen live
Alexa, stop

Release Date

July 19th 2017