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Listen to 92.5 Maxima to hear your Music to the max and everything Latino in Tampa Bay and don't miss the Ñekadas on Ñeko en la mañana.

92.5 Maxima is the official station for Tampa Bay&rsquo;s Latinos playing your Music to the max. This is the headquarters for Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Gente De Zona, Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Romeo Santos and more. <br/><br/>Maxima is designed by this generation&rsquo;s Latinos and programmed by you. Every morning from 6am &ndash; 10am while on your way to work you&rsquo;ll have fun listening to &Ntilde;eko En La Ma&ntilde;ana with &Ntilde;eko, Nandy and Cristy and their prank calls, las &Ntilde;ekadas. <br/><br/>The afternoons on Maxima are full of energy and lots of Music hosted by Nio Encendio from 3p &ndash; 6p and a giant Maxima Hour of almost an hour and a half kicks off at 4:20p. <br/><br/>92.5 Maxima is the station that gives you access to the best concerts and local events of interest to Bay &aacute;rea Hispanics. For your Music to the max and everything Latino, 92.5 Maxima is your home.

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ninety two point five maxima

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alexa, open ninety two point five maxima
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Release Date

September 8th 2017