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Basketball statistics for those who are big ballers

Alexa will provide past and present statistics along with advanced metrics derived from NBA players using the Yahoo Fantasy Sports API<br/><br/>Three Simple Rules:<br/>1. Name of current NBA player who has played in at least one game<br/>2. Valid basketball statistic (See list below)<br/>3. Year of NBA season ranging from 2001 &ndash; Present<br/><br/>Quick Example Phrases:<br/>Alexa, ask 9 Cats Lebron James, points, 2011<br/>Alexa, ask 9 Cats Kawhi Leonard, steals, 2012<br/>Alexa, ask 9 Cats John Wall, assists per game, 2013<br/>Alexa, ask 9 Cats Anthony Davis, blocks per game, twenty fourteen<br/>Alexa, ask 9 Cats James Harden, free throw attempts, twenty fifteen<br/><br/>Basketball Statistics:<br/>Assists<br/>Assists Per Game<br/>Blocks<br/>Blocks Per Game<br/>Defensive Rebounds<br/>Defensive Rebounds Per Game<br/>Field Goal Attempts<br/>Field Goal Attempts Per Game<br/>Field Goal Percentage<br/>Field Goals Made<br/>Field Goals Made Per Game<br/>Fouls Per Game<br/>Free Throw Attempts<br/>Free Throw Attempts Per Game<br/>Free Throw Percentage<br/>Free Throws Made<br/>Free Throws Made Per Game<br/>Games Played<br/>Minutes Per Game<br/>Minutes Played<br/>Offensive Rebounds<br/>Offensive Rebounds Per Game<br/>Personal Fouls<br/>Points<br/>Points Per Game<br/>Steals<br/>Steals Per Game<br/>Three Point Attempts<br/>Three Point Attempts Per Game<br/>Three Point Percentage<br/>Three Pointers Made<br/>Three Pointers Made Per Game<br/>Total Rebounds<br/>Total Rebounds Per Game<br/>Turnovers<br/>Turnovers Per Game

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Alexa, ask 9 Cats what was Kevin Durant's field goal percentage in 2014
Alexa, ask 9 Cats how many three pointers made did Stephen Curry have for 2015
Alexa, ask 9 Cats for Russell Westbrook's total rebounds during 2016

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July 15th 2017