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Build an adventuring team and explore a fantasy landscape to fight monsters and win treasure!

Engage in classic fantasy adventure. Build a team of up to six companions to explore exotic cities, high castles, and deep dungeons. But be careful, the further off the path you get the more dangerous it becomes.<br/>The system used is based on OSRIC, an open source version of first Edition Dungeons and Dragons (tm).<br/><br/>There are many features available in the skill which you can discover as you play it. Some of the more used commands are:<br/><br/>North, South, East, West: move around the game map.<br/><br/>Enter: enter into a town, castle or dungeon.<br/><br/>inventory: list what your party and your active player is carrying<br/><br/>who: list the companions in your group<br/><br/>activate &lt;name&gt;: make one of your companions the active companion<br/><br/>give &lt;item&gt; to &lt;name&gt;: give an item from the party inventory to the companion<br/><br/>take &lt;item&gt; from &lt;name&gt;: move an item from a companion to the party inventory <br/><br/>When in combat you cannot use the move commands. However you can:<br/><br/>fight: fight a round of combat with the enemy<br/><br/>run away: flee a fight<br/><br/>For a demo of the skill, see this video: https://youtu.be/KToMLNCZ8ZI<br/><br/>For questions, technical support, or to talk to other players, please join the discussion board here: http://starlanes.freeforums.net/board/5/6-swords-discussion<br/><br/>This is the kid's version. For the full version, see 6 Swords.

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November 3rd 2017