4NextTrain - Realtime Irish Rail - Alexa Skill

4NextTrain - Realtime Irish Rail


Or say "Alexa, enable 4NextTrain - Realtime Irish Rail"

4NextTrain gives you realtime DART and Train updates. Set your favourite station and just 'ask'!

There's no special process to set this up. Just know the name of your local station, set it as your favourite and go! <br/><br/>This Skill works for both DART and Train services operating within Ireland.<br/><br/>Image provided by https://visualpharm.com/free-icons/subway-595b40b85ba036ed117dab99 - I have no creative talent, so thank you for providing a great service :)

Invocation Name

four next train

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask four next train
Alexa, ask four next train to set new favourite
favourite Sutton

Release Date

September 23rd 2017