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The best reason yet to own an Echo! Have all the fun of a fart without any of the smell!

Just have Alexa ask for a fart and watch hilarity ensue as she lets one rip. With random farts of varying levels of repugnance, there's never a dull moment! You'll be provided with hours of entertainment and education for the whole family. Granny will love it and best of all, these air biscuits will not drive you out of the room! Note: Expert users with precision timing may want to try this amusing gag: Just wait until you have to let one loose, then call on Alexa to do the deed - and blame it on her! For more information, go to http://bloatware.wordpress.com For speaking engagements, interviews, or presidential endorsements, contact us at bloatware.skill@gmail.com

Invocation Name

for a fart

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask For A Fart

Release Date

December 22nd 2015