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Or say "Alexa, enable 26 Tango"

Ten'hut! You'll need a firm command of the military call-letters to battle Alexa in this war of words. Whoever drives the running tally to 26 first wins.

Ten&rsquo;hut! You&rsquo;ll need a firm command of the military alphabet (&ldquo;call-letters&rdquo;) to battle Alexa in this war of words. Call-letters are predefined words that represent each letter of the standard alphabet, for example Alpha for A, Bravo for B, and Charlie for C. If you&rsquo;re not familiar with the 26 military call-letters, you can use this game to learn them; they&rsquo;re actually fun to bark out and can also be handy in everyday life like when spelling out a word for clarity (&ldquo;Hello my name is Elvis- Echo, Lima, Victor, India, Sierra&rdquo;). <br /><br />The object of 26 Tango is to drive the running tally to exactly 26 points. To play the game you just alternate naming call-letters with Alexa back and forth to move the tally up or down. The only catch is that the call-letter you name has to begin with one of the individual letters of the current call-letter, excluding the first letter (so if Alexa says &ldquo;Lima&rdquo; you can only use &ldquo;India&rdquo;, &ldquo;Mike&rdquo;, or &ldquo;Alpha&rdquo;). On each turn the total tally is increased according to the point value of the named call-letter, which is simply equal to its length, for example Alpha=5 points and Whiskey=7 points. To decrease the tally versus adding to it, just include the extra call-letter &ldquo;delta&rdquo; in your response, for example &ldquo;Golf delta&rdquo; would subtract 4 points from the tally and &ldquo;Delta delta&rdquo; would subtract 5 points (as a mnemonic think &ldquo;d&rdquo; as in &ldquo;difference&rdquo;). Whoever drives the tally to 26 first wins the game. If you give an invalid call-letter for your response, the game will end.<br /><br />Now get your war face on soldier and go kick some Alexa butt- OORAH!<br /><br />The 26 military call-letters and their point values:<br />Alpha/5, Bravo/5, Charlie/7, Delta/5, Echo/4, Foxtrot/7, Golf/4, Hotel/5, India/5, Juliet/6, Kilo/4, Lima/4, Mike/4, November/8, Oscar/5, Papa/4, Quebec/6, Romeo/5, Sierra/6, Tango/5, Uniform/7, Victor/6, Whiskey/7, Xray/4, Yankee/6, Zulu/4<br /><br />Example interaction:<br />Alexa: Say any call-letter [Welcome prompt, Tally=0]<br />You: Whiskey [7 pts up, Tally=7]<br />Alexa: Kilo [4 pts up, Tally=11]<br />&ldquo; &ldquo; &ldquo; &ldquo; &ldquo;<br />You: Yankee [6 pts up, Tally=27]<br />Alexa: Alpha delta [5 pts down, Tally=22]<br />You: Papa [4 pts up, Tally=26 -- You Win!}

Invocation Name

twenty six tango

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open 26 Tango
Alexa, play the game 26 Tango
Alexa, 26 Tango

Release Date

March 6th 2017