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1HappyBirthday Song With YOUR Name


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Or say "Alexa, enable 1HappyBirthday Song With YOUR Name"

1HappyBirthday - the original 1HappyBirthday song with a name included 10 times.

1HappyBirthday &ndash; the original 1HappyBirthday song with a name included 10 times.<br/><br/>This is the personalized 1HappyBirthday song that makes birthdays more fun. More than 100 million people have celebrated with this free song. You will laugh, you will dance and you will sing along with the 1HappyBirthday song.<br/><br/>HOW TO USE:<br/><br/>Enable One Happy Birthday Skill:<br/>- Click on Enable Skill button on this page<br/><br/>How to play the 1HappyBirthday song<br/>1. Single Interaction:<br/>You can say:<br/>Alexa, Open One Happy Birthday and play birthday song for Maria *<br/>Alexa, Open One Happy Birthday and sing Happy Birthday Maria *<br/>*(instead of Maria, say the first name of the person for whom you want to play happy birthday song)<br/><br/>2. Conversational:<br/>Launch by saying &ldquo;Open One Happy Birthday&rdquo; or &ldquo;Start One Happy Birthday&rdquo;.<br/><br/>You will be greeted with a welcome prompt. Then you can say &quot;Play Happy Birthday Song for Maria&quot; or &quot;Sing Happy Birthday Song Maria&quot;.<br/><br/>If you don't provide the name of the person then you will be asked &quot;Whose Birthday is it?&quot; This also happens if Alexa does not understand you.<br/><br/>3. Confirming the spelling of the name (For Single Interaction and Conversational):<br/><br/>Once you provide the name of the person, you will asked to confirm the spelling of the name. <br/><br/>If you confirm the name, then the 1HappyBirthday Song with that name will be played. <br/><br/>If you think Alexa didn't get your name right, you can answer &quot;No&quot; for confirmation dialog. You will be asked to spell out the name.<br/><br/>You can spell out each letter in the name. For example, &quot;M A R I A&quot;<br/><br/>4. If the 1HappyBirthday Song with your name is not available, then you can request a song by filling out the form at http://www.1happybirthday.com/request.php<br/><br/>1HappyBirthday Song Lyrics - Song will be personalized with your name<br/><br/>Happy Birthday, MARIA<br/>Happy Happy Birthday <br/>Happy Birthday, MARIA<br/>Happy Birthday.<br/>Happy B-day, MARIA<br/>Happy Happy B-day <br/>Happy B-day, MARIA<br/>Oh yeah.<br/>Feliz cumplea&ntilde;os, MARIA<br/>My dog says woof woof to you MARIA<br/>My dog says arooooou!<br/>MARIA, Birthday, Birthday MARIA<br/>Happy B-Day, Happy B-Day, MARIA<br/>Feliz cumplea&ntilde;os, MARIA<br/><br/>SETTINGS:<br/><br/>Note : By default - Your setting to confirm the name before playing the song is ON. <br/><br/>How to change your confirmation dialog setting:<br/>say &quot;Go to settings&quot; after the welcome greeting. Alexa will tell you your current setting. Alternatively, you can access the settings by saying &quot;Open One Happy Birthday and Go to Settings&quot;.<br/><br/>You can turn the dialog ON/OFF by saying:<br/><br/>&quot;Turn OFF the confirmation dialog&quot; <br/>&quot;Turn ON the confirmation dialog&quot;<br/><br/>FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT:<br/><br/>Visit us on the web http://www.1happybirthday.com to download the song or request a song for your name.<br/><br/>I hope you'll love the 1HappyBirthday Song. If you have a suggestion on how to improve this Alexa skill, please let me know at happy@1happybirthday.com . There are 34,000 songs, so I need your help.<br/><br/>We'd love to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please e-mail us at happy@1happybirthday.com.

Invocation Name

one happy birthday

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open One Happy Birthday
Alexa, Open One Happy Birthday and play a birthday song for Maria
Alexa, Open One Happy Birthday and sing Happy Birthday Maria

Release Date

October 18th 2017