104.9 The Fox - Alexa Skill

104.9 The Fox

Saga Communications

Or say "Alexa, enable 104.9 The Fox"

HEY FOX! Get 104.9 The Fox on your Echo today with The Fox Still today!

The 104.9 The Fox skill gives Alexa the ability to start the 104.9 The Fox online stream. Listen to The Fox starting with Stafford & Frigo in the morning, Christie Matthews through the midday, and Rob West on your ride home. Broadcasting from Jonesboro, Arkansas, we are 104.9 the Fox.

Invocation Name

one oh four nine the fox

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask one oh four nine the fox to play stream
Alexa, open one oh four nine the fox
Alexa, launch one oh four nine the fox and play the stream

Release Date

June 20th 2017