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101 WRIF "The RIFF" has been Detroit's ROCK station for over 46 years!

101 WRIF &ldquo;The RIFF&rdquo; has been Detroit&rsquo;s ROCK station for over 46 years! You&rsquo;ll hear artist like Ac/Dc, Nirvana, The Black Keys and Metallica. Everything that ROCKs is on 101 WRIF. &nbsp;<br/><br/>You are guaranteed to laugh with Detroit's #1 morning show Dave &amp; Chuck &ldquo;The Freak&rdquo; on your way to work weekdays from 6-10 A.M. &nbsp;<br/><br/>Anne Carlini is rocking the radio every midday from 10-3pm. Detroit&rsquo;s undisputed QUEEN of rock and roll takes your requests during &ldquo;High Noon&rdquo; and keeps the rock going during your work day. &nbsp;<br/><br/>Meltdown will rock your way home and help you weave your way &nbsp;thru traffic from 3-7PM. Just don&rsquo;t blame us for the speeding tickets. <br/><br/>Screamin&rsquo; Scott rounds out the day with the perfect blend of new and classic rock every night from 7-Midnight. <br/><br/>101 WRIF is Detroit's Rock Station &ldquo;THE RIFF&rdquo; Rocks!

Invocation Name

one oh one the riff

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alexa, open one oh one the riff
play live stream
play dave and chuck podcast

Release Date

September 19th 2017