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10 Minutes Home Workout


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Full body workout broken down to 10 minutes of the most effective exercises for each target zone.

This program is a full body workout broken down into 10 minutes of the most effective exercises for each target zones: stretching, legs, arms, abs, back, and butt. It is a combination of strength training, pilates, and yoga. The sets are randomized in order each time. And, the exercises are timed. Do the exercise immediately once you hear it. <br/><br/>The program will instruct you how to properly perform each exercise and how to maximize your experience with breath control. Variations are welcomed at any time. Adjust to your body and comfort. Do what challenges your body to the next level according to your body needs.<br/><br/>Actual gym equipments preferable (you can use replacements) : <br/>heavy dumbbells or heavy detergent jugs<br/>light dumbbells or plastic bottles <br/>medicine ball or a jug of water or a large detergent jug<br/>bench or sofa or bed side or bathtub side<br/>stretch band or stretchy socks/tights<br/><br/>For better results, perform the set of exercises 2+ times with a few minute break in between. To increase fat burn, do a 20 minute cardio exercise before each set. <br/><br/>Phrases you can say .. <br/>&quot;More information&quot; or &quot;more info&quot;<br/>&quot;start stretch&quot; or &quot;begin stretch&quot; or &quot;stretch workout&quot;<br/>&quot;start legs&quot; or &quot;begin legs&quot; or &quot;legs workout&quot;<br/>&quot;start abs&quot; or &quot;begin abs&quot; or &quot;abs workout&quot;<br/>&quot;start arms&quot; or &quot;begin arms&quot; or &quot;arms workout&quot;<br/>&quot;start back&quot; or &quot;begin back&quot; or &quot;back workout&quot;<br/>&quot;start butt&quot; or &quot;begin butt&quot; or &quot;butt workout&quot;<br/><br/>Contact: shudvprojects@gmail.com

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November 3rd 2017