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SMS With Molly


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Or say "Alexa, enable SMS With Molly"

Send Free Text Messages With Amazon Echo.

Text your friends and family members with your voice from your couch. 1) Enable the skill & register on 2) Add your favorite contacts 3) Start texting SMS With Molly will recognize US first names from your contact list and send them your message. If your message hasn't be heard by Echo, please shoot an email at so that we can improve the skill. You can send 30 messages per month for free using SMS With Molly. We want you to do more with your Alexa-enabled device. Meet us on and please give us your feedback at

Invocation Name

s. m. s. with molly

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask SMS With Molly to text John "I'm back"
Alexa, ask SMS With Molly to text "Love you" to Lauren.
Alexa, tell SMS With Molly to send "I'll be late" to Hannah.

Release Date

April 1st 2016