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Marvee makes life better. A care companion that helps those with limited vision, mobility or aging easily communicate with family and caregivers.

Send a personal alert like “I’m Ok” or "Check on Me", or ask for your family news to stay up to date with the latest buzz. Marvee’s mission is threefold: independence and social engagement for older adults; awareness and peace of mind for family caregivers; and increased family engagement with older adults to combat social isolation. Marvee is great for those who might be caring for an elder parent, or one facing social isolation to stay in touch with family and friends. Marvee includes three free services, 1) Morning Beacon – sending an I’m OK notification; 2) Check on Me – when you need to notify family, friend or neighbor to look in on you when there is a higher priority (non-emergency); and 3) Family News – invite Family members to send you updates so you can stay up to date on the latest family happenings. If you need help, please contact us at and for videos and how-to instructions please visit our website at Like many Skills there are two parts to setting up Marvee for use with Alexa and your device. 1. To get started, enable the skill here in the Alexa app. 2. After you enable the Skill, you’ll see “Link account” 3. When you tap on the “Link Account", the Marvee login page will display for you to log in as a new user or as an existing Marvee account holder. If you already have an account with Marvee: i. Tap the button that says “Link Account ii. The Marvee Login Page will display iii. Tap “Go to Login” iiII. Login with your user name and password. Once logged in, your account is linked with Alexa If you do not yet have a Marvee account i. Tap the button that says “Link Account ii. The Marvee Login Page will display iii. Click the “Set up a new account” button iiii. Enter your information, submit and you can now close the browser window. Note: After you create your new account, you will receive both an email and text message to confirm your contact information. Please click the confirmation link, close your browser window and check your email for a Welcome email from the Marvee team. If you have any problems, contact us at We’re here to help! Configure your services and add contacts: Marvee uses the contacts you’ve added to your services in the Marvee portal. Log in at Choose the service (Morning Beacon, Check on Me), add your contacts, and select how you would like notifications to be delivered to these contacts (text, email or both). Also, invite family to your Family News group to begin receiving news from them. Please do let them know they will need to confirm their contact info as we follow email and sms security guidelines for your account protection. You will be able to see whether they have verified their info on your home dashboard. Once you’ve set up your contacts and they’ve verified their information, you’re all set to begin using Marvee. Then just ask: - “Alexa, tell Marvee to send I’m OK” - “Alexa, tell Marvee to check on me” - “Alexa, ask Marvee for Family News” Our free basic plan allows you to add 5 contacts. Need more? just upgrade. There is a video library within the Marvee portal for how-to’s on all services. New to Marvee or for more information, visit

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Marvee to send I'm OK
Alexa, tell Marvee to check on me
Alexa, Ask Marvee for Family News

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August 12th 2016